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Beyond Entertainment

To maximize your enjoyment of entertainment culture to the fullest,
we provide diverse IP-based content,
offering a more prosperous and enjoyable experience.


Going beyond goods into lifestyle, we leverage deep
fandom culture understanding to create projects that
showcase the value and authenticity of each product.

Themed Merchandise

We provide a variety of themed merchandise customized for special occasions
like album releases, birthdays, debuts, and seasonal events.
  • Album Merch

    Products featuring album concepts across
    various categories.

  • Anniversary Merch

    Celebratory items for birthdays,
    debut anniversaries, discharge dates, and more.

  • Season’s Merch

    Items for occasions like Christmas,
    Valentine's Day, picnics, and more.

Special Edition Merchandise

In addition to original IP content, we offer diverse products with unique themes, incorporating hand-drawn illustrations,
handwriting, brand collaborations, SMBM-originated artwork, and more.
  • Hand drawn Merch

    Products featuring artist-created hand-drawn
    illustrations, handwriting, and messages.

  • Collaboration Merch

    Planned products resulting from collaborations
    with brands and artists.

  • Artwork Merch

    Products showcasing original SMBM artwork - Korean Pattern

Content & Brand Collaboration Products

Featuring individual artist branding that captures their uniqueness, brand collaborations reflecting each of their taste,
and other product releases through various collaborations.
  • Media Content

    Reality entertainment show-linked products.

  • Artist Edition

    Limited edition products by artists.

  • Brand Collaboration

    Collaboration products between
    artists and brands.

In-house Planned & Developed Concept Products

Leveraging SM Brand Marketing's profound understanding of artists,
we conceive and create unique products inspired by conceptual photo shoots.
Our lineup goes beyond just photos, offering a diverse range of trend-setting items across various categories.
  • NCT 127




  • aespa

    ‘Oh! Caendy Pocket’

Development of Third-party IP Products

We conduct in-depth product planning to meet fan needs by analyzing the characteristics of various IPs and fandoms.

    Symbol Pattern Series (from 1st World Tour MD)


    2023 P1Harmony FAN MEETING MD

  • Animation - Suzume

    Pendant, Acrylic Scene Frames